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The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here’s why we are the most trusted name in Transmission Service

Jenny Minerva

During my recent out of state trip to Massachusetts, my O/D light came on and my transmission began to skip gears. I brought it to the local Ford dealership and before anyone looked at the vehicle, I was told that I would need to have my transmission taken out and repaired. I had looked online for information the previous night and found that this situation could be one of many possibilities, so I found the dealership’s diagnosis to be very odd and also insulting, especially since no one had actually touched or looked at the vehicle.

I called Northampton Transmission and was greeted by John, the owner, on the phone. I told him I was from NJ, described the problem, and said that I needed to get home the next day.

Without hesitation, he said to bring in my car to his shop, so that he could diagnose the problem. At no time did he indicate that he would have to do anything to my vehicle. Upon arrival, my car was immediately taken in and looked at by the staff. I couldn’t help to observe how the shop was well kept and orderly. Once the issues were identified, John notified me and told me that he would work diligently to repair the car, so I could get back to NJ on time.

I found John to be very accommodating and I appreciated that he never made any promises or gave me false hope. Early the next morning the part arrived for my car and it was fixed shortly after. The car was ready on time and in perfect condition.

The overwhelming and genuine caring, sympathy, and professionalism shown by John and his staff was a great comfort and relieved my stress. With his mention of a daughter my age and the hope that she would be treated with the same courtesy and respect, should she ever have a problem, I felt very comfortable while I waited with Hercules, the shop pup, on my lap.

Fred Levine

My 2001 Lexus transmission died many miles before it should have.

Northampton Transmission resurrected my favorite car. John, Jeff and Ed were friendly, efficient and informative. The price was fair and the warranty reasonable.

I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who has transmission problems.

Sue Trudeau

When our transmission started acting up, the usual nervousness set in.

One visit to Northampton Transmission and the calm attitude of John, relieved the anxiety and they proceded to do a great. reasonably priced job !!

Thanks to all.

Beverly Rubeck

When I brought my car in for transmission repair, John, Jeff, and Ed took care of the "whole customer."

They delivered reasonably-priced, exceptional work within the time frame that they promised, despite being quite busy.

Throughout the job, I was kept well-informed of the progress. I felt as though they were fully dedicated to my concerns.

It is my pleasure to recommend this local business. Thank you again!

Judy Yasi

I am so happy with the service from Northampton Transmission!

My college student's car wouldn't shift out of first gear. Another garage told us it would need a whole new transmission. The last thing the mother of two college students needs is a bill for a major car repair.

We had the car towed to Northampton Transmission and John fixed it with a speed sensor for $100.00.

Northampton Transmission won't do any more work than what is needed. Thank you for saving the day and my wallet.

Michelle Gore

Thank you to John Hunter and his staff for their wonderful service.

After having an emergency came up on Tuesday, he graciously dropped me off on Wednesday and it was done by Thursday.

John was wonderful explaining things to me-as I know little about the inner workings of vehicles-but not talking down. I can't thank all of you enough for everything.

If you need transmission work done-don't hesitate to bring it to them.

Camillo Archuleta

I was so grateful to find John and Northampton Transmission, they gave me total peace of mind.

When I was on a trip down to NY the transmission in car died. Then I thought that there was a problem with my car when I got home. Since, John was a member of the ATRA,  he just took a look at my car.

He made me realize that everything is fine, and my transmission can be taken car of in the future. John totally calmed my anxiety.

Rosa Ryan

I am so happy that i took my car here.

I had some problems with my car and these guys helped me out so much. I thought it would cost a lot but it was a great price and i will recommend all my friends and family to go here.

I trust them with my car; they are the best guys around. Seems like a long ride to there but it's worth it.


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