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245 N King St, Northampton, MA 01060
Mon - Fri, 8am-5pm

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here’s why we are the most trusted name in Transmission Service:

Isabella M. Amherst, MA

Fantastic company!

Ed has taken care of my crappy car on many an occasion and I love how honest he is and how he keeps you up today on what’s going on.

Not at all like one of those money grabbing shops they fix only what’s needed and try to keep it as cheap as possible!

Thanks Ed I’m sure I’ll be there again one day when another part of my car rusts off, lol.
-Izzy Mackinnon

Robert M. Delray Beach, FL

As an auto repair tech myself with 2 kids at UMass Amherst, I needed to find a repair shop and was very happy with Northampton Transmission.

The first visit was to repair a transmission, but since then they’ve been able to diagnose and repair break downs on two different vehicles over the last few years.  Great communication as they diagnose, estimate and stand behind their work.

Alan Abbadangelo

You know that feeling,  when you are far from home, your support groups, friends, family, mechanics, doctors, basically familiar surroundings. Well, I was 2hrs from home, 75 to 90 miles away, they were suggested by auto express, one in Amherst, and the other on rte 9, honest, good , people………..I could not back my car up, and thought the brake had locked up……….bad news the transmission is shot……2002 E 150………no surprise there…….not the original owner.They suggested them, again, honest , good people…….so far from home, they made ME feel like family, took care of me.

I could not think of a better place to be stranded………..they got it on a Wed, and called me on a Friday,and he stayed an hour after closing, till I got there,to pick up my vehicle.WOW

James Scarnici

I just wanted to say that I was actually impressed at the knowledge of the staff here at NT.

I called after finding the number in Google, and explained that my car was chugging uphill, when wet and cold. I had just had my wife’s Honda transmission rebuilt at Economy Transmission in Chicopee 45 days ago, at the cost of $2,648.00. It is now slipping again, and the tech there told me that my car “sounded like it needed a new transmission, or rebuilt. That’ll run you $2,500.00 + tax” .

Not satisfied with the previous service, I reached out to NT. They did their check, and told me what I needed was to change spark plugs. I did it myself, at the cost of $50 (I threw in wires too) and my car runs like a champ!

I will be taking my cars here from now on, no if, and’s or buts. I still can’t believe that these guys saved me over 25 hundred bucks. Thanks to Ed, my savings are still mine! Thanks again!

Gordon Tibbetts

Ed gives me a warm greeting, we exchange a few pleasantries before he asks how he might help me. I mention the clunking noise in my 2004 pickup.

Once up on the lift,  Ed immediately pointed out the worn universal joint needing replacement. He then carefully examined everything else in the undercarriage. Chris came over from his transmission bench as if he didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to join Ed in the evaluation.

The two of them pointed out drops of oil here and there and tracked down the source of the leaks. They tightened some bolts, checked fluid levels, and told me all now seemed okay. Within an hour I had a new universal joint and the bill. There was no mention of the time they spent for the thorough examination, tightening things up, and suggestions on controlling the rust.

Being quite an old goat, I’ve been to a lot of repair shops. My experience at Northampton Transmission was—how you young folk say—AWSOME!!

GW Tibbetts

Don Emerson Jr.

The guy s at Northampton transmission were great. Clean shop,  friendly and good work at a fair price.  Very satifised!

T P Martin

Friendly Honest Local Folks
The Folks at Northampton Transmission give very good service. The first time I met these folks they did an assessment, found no problems, charged me nothing and sent me back to my local garage to investigate the problem over. That’s honesty. The next time I needed service they were prompt, helpful and did great follow-up. 5 Stars

T P Martin

Joe LaMonica

Honest, reliable 100%
this is a great transmission company. I had my 1999 saab repaired and it was perfect.

Joe LaMonica

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