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245 N King St, Northampton, MA 01060
Mon - Fri, 8am-5pm

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here’s why we are the most trusted name in Transmission Service:

Caitlin Dragun

The most experienced and trustworthy people in the business.

Lisa Meade

Not only did Northampton Transmission do a fabulous job on our son’s car’s transmission, but they were quick and efficient as well. Then to top that off, we owe them deep gratitude for their integrity and honesty when we almost got taken by another transmission shop.

Being out of state, with our son at college, this breakdown left us dealing with unknown repair shops.

Ed has tremendous integrity and wanted to be sure we got the service we needed. Honesty goes a long way in auto repair.

We HIGHLY recommend Northampton Transmission.


I had a terrific experience here. They were honest, informative, kind, and incredibly helpful. Oh yeah–and competent!

The repair cost me 1/3 of what I had feared it might. They were quick. The explained things completely. The place was spotless.

They took a stressful experience and turned it into a good experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Owen Freeman-Daniels
The overarching qualities I have appreciated about Northampton Transmission is the professionalism, duty, and sense of responsibility they take toward your vehicle when you bring it to them.
They rebuilt my transmission and offered a guarantee on their work.
Some time later, I was having a problem with the vehicle and brought it back to them. They worked on a thorough diagnosis for free and discovered that fixing the work fell under their warranty. They graciously gave me their diagnosis, labor, and parts for free.
In my opinion, the honor they had for their previous commitments and attention to detail they paid can not be replicated by the competition.
Dave Russo

Bought an older car from them. It was on ’03 Odyssey (which has a horrible reputation for transmission problems) in which they had rebuilt the transmission and gave me a 1 year warranty on just the transmission.

Six months later, there was a transmission problem (in a part of the transmission that was unrelated to their previous work) and they fixed it right away, no charge.

Works great. I would recommend them.

Robert P. Easthampton, MA

My first interaction with Northampton Transmission was in my professional life where I manage and fleet of vehicles that see hard service. The vehicles I maintain are in use long after the warranties expire.

When these vehicles need transmission repair, Northampton Transmission has always been up front with the cost and time needed to make the required repair.

Away from work I own and operate classic vehicles as my hobby. Northampton Transmission just completed a rebuild on the third project for my personal use. More than one of the projects that I have had them repair was far from original equipment each presenting their own challenge.

Long story short, this is a shop with an owner that you can trust. When things go right we are happy, when they go wrong and sometimes they do, John and his team will do what needs to be done to make it right.

Patty K. Worthington, MA

I have driven by Northampton Transmission many times, but didn’t have a clue that they weren’t much more than a specialty transmission shop; then my transmission light went on.  Uh oh.

I called my local guy who apologized and said “I can’t help you, find a transmission shop.”

This was just before a long weekend and I was stumped.  I called Northampton Transmission and they said they were closing for a week’s vacation and were beyond booked.

But Ed Berard must have felt the desperation in my voice, and he said, “OK, can you bring it in first thing?” And so began a day of surprises.

They immediately diagnosed my transmission light as a fuse, and fixed it pronto.

Then, they found a massive oil leak.  I admit, I’m not a car person, not even a mediocre car person, I have zero feel for cars, and thought I had noticed something but didn’t know how bad it was.

They squeezed me in, and fixed the car-killing leak on their absolutely busiest day of the year.  At a more than fair price.

I can’t tell you have grateful I am to Northampton Transmission and to Ed and the very polite, sweet young tech who saved my car.  They are incredibly competent and refreshingly modest, and generously compassionate to this grey-haired, car-oblivious woman who cannot find the words to thank them and to recommend them.

Venessa C. Brattleboro, VT

I just happened to be in North Hampton when my jeep decided to start making crazy noises.

I called the guys at Northampton Transmission to see if they had a minute to do a quick look. They got me right in, were very professional and didn’t treat me like an idiot because I’m a woman.

They took the time to explain everything to me and did their best to keep costs low. Most places would jump to the highest prices fix it but these guys started small to make sure I wasn’t over paying.

I can not say enough about how great everyone was and my Jeep is running awesome. thanks guys!

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