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We were taking our camper from SC to Vt when it broke down. Once the problem was found, it was towed to North Hampton Transmissions where the mechanics did a great job rebuilding our 1995 Shasta. Their attitude, prices,and their work was beyond reproach.

I would recommend this business to anyone who needs transmission services.

Thank you guys for the great service which allowed us to still enjoy some of our annual vacation

It was the worst news your mechanic can give you--“I think it is the transmission.” Next was the decision to buy a new vehicle or fix my husband’s beloved truck. Deciding whether we would begin another round of new car payments or invest in our truck that had been babied since the beginning of its life was not difficult.

Our mechanic recommended Northampton Transmission and it was the beginning of the most positive experience that could come out of an undesirable situation. First and foremost, John and Ed are honest and professional! We were consulted throughout the entire process. We were shown the damaged parts and took back possession of our “good as new” truck.

Nearly a year later, we had a shifting problem. We returned the truck and were prepared for the worst. The vehicle had to be taken apart and worked on for two days. I nervously awaited the charges. Yes, it was under warranty, but certainly there would be some “catch” since it was indeed, nearly a year later. I was informed the truck was ready to be picked up and waited for the answer to the dreaded question of cost.

John’s response was, “There is no charge. It is under our warranty.” It is when you are treated respectfully and honestly the year AFTER that especially indicates honesty and integrity! John and Ed, thanks SO much!!!
Teresa J.

Friendly Honest Local Folks
The Folks at Northampton Transmission give very good service. The first time I met these folks they did an assessment, found no problems, charged me nothing and sent me back to my local garage to investigate the problem over. That's honesty. The next time I needed service they were prompt, helpful and did great follow-up. 5 Stars

T P Martin

When our transmission started acting up, the usual nervousness set in.

One visit to Northampton Transmission and the calm attitude of John, relieved the anxiety and they proceded to do a great. reasonably priced job !!

Thanks to all.

I am so happy that i took my car here.

I had some problems with my car and these guys helped me out so much. I thought it would cost a lot but it was a great price and i will recommend all my friends and family to go here.

I trust them with my car; they are the best guys around. Seems like a long ride to there but it's worth it.


Honest, courteous, professional. The garage is clean and the waiting area comfortable. They did the work quickly and correctly while saving me hundreds over a dealership estimate. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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