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245 N King St, Northampton, MA 01060
Mon - Fri, 8am-5pm

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here’s why we are the most trusted name in Transmission Service:

Herbert Hoyack

I am so impressed. Ed and John, you run the most professional shop that I have ever taken a car. I am 75 and I have had many cars and many repairs over the years. Other garage personnel should pay to see how to run an operation effectively.

Kelsey Thiem

John, Ed, and the rest of the team are highly skilled and knowledgeable in addition to being fair, honest, and communicative.

I highly recommend Northampton Transmission!

Martin Zuraw

They did a great job fixing my car. Also making sure everything was working properly after they fixed the car.

Stephen Severin, Amherst MA

These folks are as honest as it gets.

You can feel their integrity when they speak. I trust them implicitly.

A pleasant find for me and I will be using them going forward for all our vehicles.

Sam Castillo

I didn’t know what was wrong with my transmission.

They reset something that turned off the check engine light, and this has been ok for three months now.


Quick turnaround​, they were able to diagnose and fix my transmission leaks on the first visit.

The guys were very clear at walking me through the repairs needed and explaining the options.

Prices were reasonable and wound up being exactly as I was quoted.

They even brought my car in after a week so the could ensure the repairs they made held up.

I will definitely keep their number in my contacts for whenever I need my car service again.

Ben Pattison

Ed and the team at Northampton transmission exceeded every one of my expectations, precise quoting, courteous communications and excellent work!

They went out of their way to explain the work and checked in when extra work was required before completing it.

Overall they were honest and a pleasure to deal with.

William Gaudrault

For years I had a problem with my truck,mainly the transmission.Shabby shifting.shift was sliding and other problems.I decided to go to see the experts.

My transmission NOW is just wonderful.

The manager, Ed, I give him 5 stars for his customer service, and being up-front, even under pressure.

I would recommend that anybody that has transmission problems to go there. Even if it just for a service of the transmission.Great people

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