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General Repair

Occasionally, our technicians are required to perform General Repairs on customers’ vehicles. When diagnosing and repairing vehicles with Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case or Differential complaints we often encounter worn and broken parts outside of the recommended Driveline Repair.

These general repairs may include replacing ball joints, engine and transmission mounts, stabilizer links, control arms, shocks or strut assemblies, exhaust and brake components, steering racks, radiators and cooling system repairs.

Northampton Transmission’s ASE Certified Technicians have over 70 years of combined experience. This experience provides them with the knowledge to replace timing belts, perform tune-ups, handle engine swaps and a number of other repairs we may encounter when diagnosing customers driveline complaints.

Numerous Transmission and Driveline Repairs are referred to Northampton Transmission from local Automotive Repair facilities and dealerships. As professionals in the automotive and truck repair industry we value our industry colleagues and refer general repairs back to the originating repair facility when it’s practical for the customer and the referring repair facility.

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