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Differential Repair & Rebuilding.

Differential Repair

Northampton Transmission, rebuilds and repairs Differentials for cars, medium & heavy-duty trucks, SUV’s and Vans.

Every vehicle on the road today has a differential.

Differentials are the driveline component responsible for transferring power from the transmission output shaft(s) into the front and or rear axles of your vehicles drive wheels. Differentials can be part of a transaxle for front wheel drive vehicles.

In rear wheel and four -wheel drive vehicles they are separate components, found between the front and rear wheels. Northampton Transmissions Rebuilt Differentials come with a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty.

Correct Diagnosis

Many customers call our transmission shop describing a symptom or complaint they believe to be their Differential. Often we’ll find the problem to be nothing more than a bad wheel bearing, center bearing, worn driveshaft or U-Joint.

Our experience suggests that anyone suspecting they require Differential Repair is to have a driveline specialist like Northampton Transmission provide an accurate diagnosis of your problem. Informed decisions save time and $$$ money. Call Northampton Transmission to make an appointment for your accurate diagnosis. (413) 585-8688.

How Differentials Work

The differential is what allows the drive wheels to turn at different speeds while still supplying torque to the wheels.

When turning, the outside wheels on the turn drive farther and rotate faster than the inside wheels.

The differential uses a series of gears that can rotate in relation

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