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CVT Transmissions

A CVT transmission is a Continuously Variable Transmission and is very different from “normal” transmissions.

When you begin to move the car with a CVT transmission it will accelerate as usual with the engine and your speed increasing together as you step on the gas. But as you continue to go faster your engine’s RPM does not increase as your car moves faster and faster.

A CVT transmission accomplishes this by the use of variable pulleys that can adjust their circumferences and a belt that runs between the variable pulleys.

CVT transmissions have less moving parts while at the same time continually adjusting their ratio to road conditions and your engine’s RPM. As you can imagine the CVT transmissions require that our transmission technicians be thoroughly trained in their design and maintenance.

Here at Northampton Transmission, our technicians have the required experience, skill and ongoing training to diagnose any problems and to do what’s necessary to get your CVT transmission back on the road.

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